Recent release of Leonardo DiCaprio ‘Shutter Island’ has made a landmark record of $41.1 million in the first weekend opening that is rated to be the highest in this year.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Shutter Island’ Breaks Record Of $41.1 Million
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Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Shutter Island’ Breaks Record Of $41.1 Million
Leonardo DiCaprio’s
Leonardo DiCaprio’s
It seems Leonardo DiCaprio's patience has fruitfully yield him good results in the week's first opening of his latest film ‘Shutter Island’ that made a landmark by breaking earlier records with $41.1 million.
It is thrilling experience for both the director Martin Scorsese and lead actor Leonardo DiCaprio of ‘Shutter Island’ to have been able to make such a huge impact at the box office.
There was an average response of this film of about $41,062,440 in 2,991 locations that had topped over ‘Valentine’s day’ of Warner Bros record of $16,665,299 in 3,665 locations  and ‘Avatar’ of Fox, $16,240,857 in 2,581 locations .
The sixty seven year old director who is  the arrant American film maker has a profound and classifiable vision to place things on-screen in a captivating bold way.
When he had his first sight on the exciting script, he knew it was exactly what he was looking for, Scorsese stated, "When I got to it I said, ‘Oh, my, this has to be exactly right.”
It is basically a story of about 1950’s that revolves around Massachusetts hospital which is run by an eccentric and a dangerous doctor that is performed by the noted actor Ben Kingsley. The actual plot of the film takes to turn by the entry of Federal Marshals Teddy Daniels (DiCaprio) and Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo), who were sent in to investigate the disappearance of a homicidal patient.
The grip of suspense that is so artistically placed to the taste of viewers is really marvelous. It seems DiCaprio is very much delighted after the initial landmark success of the film.

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