Singer Lady Gaga has revealed that her hairstyle reflects her mood.

Lady Gaga’s Hairstyle Reflects Her Mood
Last Updated: 2010-05-04T11:32:30+05:30
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Lady Gaga’s Hairstyle Reflects Her Mood
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
Pop diva Lady Gaga who is known worldwide for her music and weird dressing style has revealed that she has 20 wigs which reflect her mood. The singer said that daily she changes her hairstyle according to her mood.
Lady Gaga quoted, "I have more than 20 wigs. That way, I can have a new hairstyle everyday without having to run to the hairdresser, which is great, isn't it? And I can choose which one I want to wear depending on my mood. Today I felt like red curls. The way I present myself to the outside world always reflects how I feel inside.”
Gaga, 24 also added that she has not gone for shopping for over a year as always ‘Gaga Fairy’ is ready for her.  
"Everywhere I go, a Gaga fairy has already been there before me and left a cupboard there full of wonderful clothes that I'm allowed to borrow and wear. When I move on to the next city, the next cupboard is waiting for me. I haven't been shopping myself for over a year," she said.
The ‘Poker Face’ singer insisted that there is a difference between luxury and glamorous. The singer also claimed that she doesnot need money to be glamorous.
"A glamorous life is quite different to a life of luxury. I don't need luxury. For years I was practically broke but I was still very vain and glamorous. And I still am," she explained.

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