Kevin Pietersen may not play in the third Ashes Test due to his problematic Achilles tendon.

Kevin Pietersen May Not Play In Third Ashes
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The persistent problem on his Achilles tendon has made England batsman Kevin Pietersen doubtful for the third Ashes Test.
The former England skipper will meet a doctor after the end of the second Test at Lord's on Monday for another injection into his problematic Achilles tendon.
Pietersen had already admitted that his achilles injury is always playing on his mind and is affecting his performance in the ongoing Ashes series. And if there is no improvement before the third Test it is hard to see him being fit enough to play.
Pietersen already had a homeopathic injection and a cortisone injection in the tendon and the next procedure will be a saline solution with a small percentage of cortisone, which is intended to cushion the movement of the tendon within its sheath.
The treatment is unpredictable and it can turn out to be a miracle cure, or prove completely ineffective. But the most likely result is that it will give him temporary relief, ideally for three or four weeks and that could allow him to avoid surgery in the short term. If Pietersen opts for surgery it will take him six months to get back on field.