Actor Johnny Depp has revealed that he is happy being a family man.

Johnny Depp Happy Being A Family Man
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American actor Johnny Depp is a family man and is esctatic in being one. The actor credited his kids and wife Vanessa Paradis for changing his priorities.
The 46-year old actor who portrayed the role of ‘Jack Sparrow’ in the flick ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was once addicted to drug and alcohol. But the star changed totally after meeting Paradis in 1998 and welcoming two children with the singer.
Johnny Depp said, "Luckily I went down the (destructive) rabbit hole early on and now the rabbit hole is a different animal altogether, because my main focus is my kids and my family. I'm much calmer than I was years ago and that has a lot to do with raising a family, so my kids have calmed me 100 per cent."
The star is also happy with his peaceful home life in the South of France which allows him to stay away from the complicated world of Hollywood. "There's no talk of movies or work and, infinitely more importantly, the phone never rings. We take the kiddies on walks and picnics and it's the perfect existence. It really is a beautiful, simple life. And it's been a calming influence just to be able to have that special time with my kids," the actor explained.