Jessica Simpson has revealed in her blog that she was stunned by a tremor in Tokyo.

Jessica Simpson Stunned By Tokyo Tremors
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Jessica Simpson, who is currently in Japan, was shaken by a tremor in Tokyo. She revealed this in her Twitter blog.
A quake measuring 6.6 on the Richter scale hit the city while Simpson lay in her hotel bed. She was stunned by the second, stronger one, hitting 6.7.
Simpson wrote on her blog on 12th August which read, "We just had another earthquake. (Her hairstylist Ken Paves) fell to the ground. We couldn't stop laughing. He flew out of his boots. So funny!!"
Simpson is currently in Japan shooting her new reality TV show ‘The Price of Beauty.’
She's not the only star  to be shocked by tremors in Tokyo .Beyonce Knowles terrified  by the earthquake called up to her home on Tuesday 11th of August , after she was woken by her shaking hotel room.