According to Infosys CEO, Kris Gopalakrishan, the IT industry will show positive recovery signs from economic recession by 2010, after which Infosys will diversify.

Infosys To Diversify After mid- 2010
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According to Infosys CEO and MD, Kris Gopalakrishnan, The recession hit IT industry would show positive signs of recovery by mid-2010. He also added that Infosys will consider diversification only after this.
According to him, "It is better to wait and understand that the recovery is real and will sustain. The developed countries have higher GDPs, so they will have a significant impact on recovery."
Infosys is looking at new markets like China, Middle East, South America and Latin America with a host of new services.
"We have launched various new services like software as a service platform for BPO industry. The opportunities which we are looking into are in health care, utility services, government and public sector. There are opportunities in each one of them", he said.
Gopalakrishnan was in Chennai to participate in the sixth edition of HR-summit 2009, organised by NASSCOM.
He said Infosys was also ready for acquisition across various geographies. "We are open for geographical acquisitions as well as service based acquisitions. The key is, it should happen at the right place at right time."