Harry Potter star Emma Watson wants a break, not talking about another break in movies, but she wants to do something else for a while and wants to get away from acting for some time.

Harry Potter Star Emma Wants A Break!
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It seems, the 20 years old actress Emma Watson is fed up of acting and she wants to get away from it for sometime at least. This Harry Potter star feels that she wants to try her hand on something else for a break.
Emma adds, "I think I need to find some real belief in myself away from (acting). I know that I can play Hermione but I don`t know. I really think I need to recharge my batteries and go and be me for a bit.”
Meanwhile, she hasn’t decided yet that what she actually wants to do for a break, but she says that the industry has given her certain things which are special to her in the forms of friends.
She says that she has become real good friends with Emma Thompson as she doesn’t have the habit of ignoring anyone.
Emma adds, “I really got on with Emma Thompson. I loved how she was so down-to-earth, so kind and she doesn’t ignore anyone. She pays attention to everyone from the sound guy to the director. I really loved her to bits.

She even likes Maggie Smith and says “she is an absolute sweetie. She sends me chocolate and a note at Christmas.”