Polluting Fireworks have for years represented the spirit celebration but cannot be done away with entirely. The solution lies in making them 'greener' and such fireworks have already been engineered.

Green Fireworks to Pollute Less
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Fireworks have for thousands of years represented the spirit celebration. Despite the fact that they pollute the atmosphere with toxic substances, it is still hard to give them up entirely. The solution lies in making them ‘greener’ and such firecrackers have been engineered.

Fireworks contain a lot of toxins such as carcinogenic sulphur-coal compounds, toxic metals such as Strontium, copper compounds, magnesium, titanium and aluminum. There are also chemicals such as Sodium chloride, boric acid, potassium and rubidium not to mention radioactive barium and percholate.

These firecrackers employ nitrogen-rich formulas with few colour-producing chemicals, dramatically putting down the usage of heavy metals. It also reduces the usage of percholates, which pollutes nearby water-bodies, by replacing them with nitrocellulose or other nitrogen-rich materials to produce less smoke.

These crackers have been used several times before but are very expensive to manufacture which prevents it thus far from wider adoption of these greener fireworks.