George Clooney refuses to sit for any press conference for the promotional activities of his movies as he is extremely tired of getting marriage proposals from the journalists.

George Clooney Refuses To Sit For Any More Press Conference
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George Clooney has ruled out sitting through any more press conferences to promote his movies - because he's tired of getting marriage proposals from journalists and being part of silly stunts.
The movie star was left a little embarrassed when a male stripper posing as a journalist took off his clothes while professing his love for Clooney at a Venice Film Festival press conference in September (09) - and that may have been the last time the actor sits to take questions from a room full of journalists.
Clooney started to become elusive when he refused to promote hit new movie ‘Up In The Air’, and left interviews to co-stars Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick - and he insists the media had better get used to the fact that he won't be available to them in 2010 and beyond.
He tells a magazine, "When you're at a certain place in your career where people know you, it's not like you have to get known. I don't want to be more famous. You realise that movies are either going to be successful or not based on the trailer and how it's sold and what people's perception of the movie is.
"I'll do the red carpets, but I'm not going to do the press conferences anymore. You focus on a few smart interviews and try to do them every once in a while and make them hard to get."