One time wonder Frieda Pinto says that there was a time when she was smitten by her own beauty, but bow she doesn’t care about it, the only thing she cares about is her acting skills.

Frieda Pinto Cares About Her Acting, Not Beauty
Last Updated: 2010-11-08T12:48:25+05:30
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‘Slum Dog Millionaire’ actress Frieda Pinto says that she is just over with her deadly looks and now she just wants to concentrate on her acting and performance, she wants everyone to talk about it.
Frieda says, “I don't like that, to be honest. Every time someone tells me, 'You look so beautiful in the film', I don't care! Just tell me if the performance was good.”
She says that she is a normal person and tries to do things like an ordinary person, she says, “To be honest I still love shopping at H&M and Topshop, because if you really want to be stylish you should be able to mix and match different clothes, put them on yourself and still end up looking like a million bucks.”
She recollects her time as a kid and says, “When I was small, a lot of people would say I was a cute chubby little baby, with light blue eyes, and my mum said initially I let it go to my head. But by the time I reached college, I kind of toned it down. It's like a growing-up experience.”
Now, this 26 years old actress do not have any thing in her hand in Bollywood, but she is busy taking up her Hollywood projects and is also doing pretty good in that.

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