The loudest person in the house, Dolly has taken a U-Turn in her approach in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, not only she sounds friendly and calm, but she has also been selected as the new captain.

Dolly Bindra, The New Captain Of ‘Bigg Boss 4’
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Everyone expected that after the return of wild cat back in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, there will more wars and fights, but she has literally taken a U-Turn in her behavior, sounds more civilized and she also been selected as the new captain.
Yesterday, ‘Bigg Boss’ called Dolly in the confession room and asked her to nominate two people for being the next captain. She gave Veena Mallik’s and her name, but with 6 voting’s, Dolly was elected as the captain.
Even dolly was surprised when her foe, Sameer Soni  and Shweta Tiwari also gave their  votes to her , only Manoj Tiwari was the one, who gave his vote to Veena.
As soon as Dolly became the captain for this week, she announced cheerfully that there are no restrictions for anyone in the house for anyone with respect to kitchen. Everyone is allowed to go and cook whatever they want, every contestant seem to cheer for this!