Recently, the sensuous babe of Hollywood Demi Moore reveals that she is too emotional to hold her tears back.

Demi Moore Too Emotional To Seal Her Tear Drops
Last Updated: 2010-02-19T11:52:03+05:30
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Demi Moore Too Emotional To Seal Her Tear Drops
Demi Moore
Demi Moore
In a suprising episode the ‘Happy Tears’ Hollywood actress Demi Moore confessed her weakness that she is unable to hold herself back at the smallest emotional incident whether it be joy or sad she is moved into tears.
It is natural for Demi who can’t take control of it and even her hubby Ashton Kutcher is quite aware of it. Plus he has become quite use to her tearful eruption of emotion.
Even the smallest of things including heart-warming television adverts drive the forty eight year actor to tears, Demi revealed, "I cry at everything. Even if I am happy. Even at commercials on television. I can't help it. Ashton (Kutcher, her husband) doesn't mind, but I do tend to cry at anything.”
The noted actor Demi is starring in a comic drama ‘Happy Tears’ that relates about dysfunctional family reunions in a comical manner wherein she acts opposite to Parker Posey.
The story of ‘Happy Tears’ revolves around the siblings who were grown far apart but unaware of the true fact they get to know each other very well.
Well never knew that a bold gal like Demi who loves to sport her masculine side is really a softy inside. It seems Demi loves to sport more of ‘Happy Tears’ rather than sadful ones.

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