As per Warner Bros, movie Clash Of The Titans 2 will be released on March 30th 2012.

Clash Of The Titans 2 To Hit The Big Screens In 2012
Last Updated: 2010-12-16T15:59:30+05:30
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Clash Of The Titans 2 To Hit Screens In 2012
Sam Worthington
Sam Worthington
Warner Bros, which is an American movie producer company, has decided that the sequel of famous Clash Of The Titans movie will hit the screens on 30th of March 2012.
The Clash Of The Titans that released in April 2010 was the 3-D remake of the 1981 film of the same name.
Louis Leterrier’s 2010 offering which starred Sam Worthington in the lead grossed about $493.2 million world over.
Meanwhile, the 2012 movie that will be based on Greek mythology is tentatively titled Wrath of the Titans. In addition to it, Irish Liam Neeson and Australian Sam Worthington will return as Zeus and Perseus respectively.
For the Clash Of The Titans 2, Jonathan Liebesman will be donning the director’s hat while the earlier movie was directed by Louis Leterrier.

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