Bigg Boss 4 winner actress Shweta Tiwari claims that she never used her single mother status to win people’s heart.

Bigg Boss 4 Winner Shweta Tiwari Says She Never Used Her Single Mother Status To Win The Show
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Popular television actress Shweta Tiwari is the winner of reality show Bigg Boss 4 and took home the prize money of Rs.1 crore but some of her fellow housemates feel that the actress has used her daughter’s name to earn the sympathy votes from the public. However, Shweta sharply denied the claims and said that she never used her single mother status to win people’s heart.
The actress was quoted as saying, "I never said it, everyone in the house used to say that Shweta is a single mother and she needs this money. I`m not so weak that I will use my daughter to win. I am capable enough that even if I would have not won this, I would have been able to take good care of her.”
The 30-year old actress in 1998, at the age of 18 married a low-profile actor Raja Chaudhary. They divorced nine years later. The couple have a daughter named Palak.
With her win, Shweta has become the first female to clinch the Bigg Boss title. She defeated Dolly Bindra, Ashmit Patel and Khali to win the show. The actress claims that it was an unexpected victory and can’t imagine that she actually managed to win the reality show.
"I never thought that I could win. I had thought that the top two contestants would be Khaliji and Ashmit because even in the earlier seasons no girl had won. When Ashmit got evicted, both of us were left. Khaliji is an international superstar and there is no comparison to the kind of fan following he has, so I thought that I won`t win, I was convinced about that," said Shweta.
"But finally when Salmanbhai announced my name, I was blank for a few minutes. I just couldn`t believe it. It`s only after few minutes that the feeling sunk in and I realised that I have actually won. It felt great," she added.