Big Boss 4 winner will be declared tomorrow, but television queen Shweta Tiwari already seems close to the victory gate.

Big Boss 4 Winner: Will Shweta Tiwari Win?
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Speculations are rife that Television queen Shweta Tiwari is already close to the victory gate, the champion of the reality show.The lady survived all odds from day 1, maintaining her clear image of Kasuati’s Prerna. Shweta was repeatedly insulted on the show by wild cat Dolly Bindra but she faced all allegations strongly, with her roots firmly set in the house.
The day before grand finale, the participants were asked the toughest question to name a replacement from among the housemates. Shweta and Ashmit voted for Hrishant while Dolly and Khali had a same choice in Rahul Bhatt. Shweta aka Perna was again very careful while answering as she chose not to name anyone but when forced to take a name had Hrishant as her choice.
Later in the episode Ashmit makes fun of Shweta which upsets her. Well ST fans will surely not like their favourite Perna to come out of the Big Boss as a loser.
The Grand Finale on January 9 will tell it all, and to add spice to the grand event will be Veena Malik shaking her legs to the foot tapping number Sheila Ki jawani.
A 99 time voting from a single mobile with Rs 3 each SMS will show if Shweta Tiwari fans have left  behind the Great Khali, Veena’s sweetheart Ashmit Patel and wild cat Dolly Bindra.