Banyantree Infomedia has announced the global launch of Answerify, its premiere question-answer portal.

Banyantree Infomedia launches Answerify, India’s Most Comprehensive Answers Portal
Last Updated: 2011-04-15T13:38:37+05:30
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Banyan Tree Infomedia (BTI) has announced the global launch of Answerify, its premiere question-answer portal. The beta version of the portal was launched not too long ago, but thanks to the extraordinary response from its users, BTI has ensured that the full-on portal is launched in less than 8 months since its beta launch. The website is being hosted on which also hosts global news and gadget reviews. A lot of focus has been given on the portal categorization, which translates into an interesting yet simple user experience.

Banyan Tree Infomedia claims that there are already about 15 thousand questions that have been answered and more than 16 thousand questions that have been posted in total on Answerify. As mentioned before, the main impetus for the project so far has been the categorization of information. This smart categorization and the self-intuitive suggestions have been the factors that have allowed the project to be a class apart. There is also enough evidence to suggest that a lot have been kept in mind to keep the user experience simple, yet smart. The zero registration process when a user answers a question is a typical example of how the site requests minimal obligations from the end user. The use of bright colours and fluid layouts has also added-in the fun element to the site. 

BTI has been confidently pumping in very useful portals including Realestatehungama and highereducationindia  which have been their most significant launches till recently. With the launch of Answerify, team BTI can claim to be the first Indian company to launch a Q&A portal for a global audience. The launch also marks the beginning of Q & A portal trend in India; a trend which is already prevalent in the global internet space. With most of the Indian user-base still graduation from Orkut, it will be interesting to see how fast the trend catches up in this country.

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