Bollywood actor, Anil Kapoor has hired award-winning writer Manu Rishi to write the dialogues for his forthcoming flick, ‘Ayesha’.

Anil Kapoor Hires Manu Rishi To Write Dialogues For ‘Ayesha’
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Manu Rishi, who is an award-winning writer, has been hired by Bollywood actor, Anil Kapoor to write dialogues for Sonam Kapoor’s next film ‘Ayesha’.
Manu Rishi said, "Anil Kapoor met me and said that he had seen 'Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!'. He also told me, 'You're very good'. Then he started talking about 'Ayesha' and told me that Sonam will be starring in it and that it's his home production. He said that he really liked my work and wanted my inputs for 'Ayesha'. That's how the film happened”.
‘Ayesha’ is based on famous novel of Jane Austen ‘Emma’. The film revolves around an  ultra modern girl who is wooed by three men. The lead role is played by Abhay Deol, Arunoday Singh, popular VJ Cyrus Sahukar along with Sonam Kapoor. The movie is produced by Sonam's sister Rhea under their father's banner.
"'Ayesha' is a very different film from 'Oye Lucky...' and not just in terms of the dialogues, also in the look and feel In 'Oye Lucky...', the language was very, very West Delhi sorts and the protagonists were not very well read. But in 'Ayesha', the characters are from the upmarket Defence Colony, they are from English medium schools, etc. So that has brought in a lot of sophistication in the way we have written the dialogues”,  he explained.
Rishi explained that his role as a dialogue writer for "Ayesha" came in when a "male point of view" was required for the film.
"The film has been written by Devika Bhagat with Ritu Bhatia. So they wanted a male point of view as well and that's where I came in. I have written the dialogues along with Ritu," he said.