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Pierce Brosnan
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Last Updated: 2010-06-07T11:21:38+05:30
Pierce Brosnan Hollywood’s 007 star Pierce Brosnan who is campaigning against whale hunting has reminded US President Barack Obama of his promises which he made during his presidential campaign. During his presidential campaign, Obama vowed to save the marine life.
Brosnan, 57 who has launched a ...

Last Updated: 2010-04-26T11:15:05+05:30
Pierce Brosnan Versatile actor Pierce Brosnan has urged the people to appeal the government to put a ban on whale hunting all around the world.
The bond star who has recently narrated a new Disney nature documentary called ‘Oceans’ which explores the life existing beneath the sea has urged ...

Last Updated: 2010-04-12T16:01:10+05:30
Pierce Brosnan Bond star Pierce Brosnan does not want to think too highly of himself because he feels it will limit his options as an actor.
Pierce Brosnan quoted, "I'm not a Hollywood star; someday maybe it's a work in progress. I play leads and I have had some success here and there. But I want to ...

Last Updated: 2010-03-23T16:38:39+05:30
Pierce Brosnan Pierce Brosnan struggled with his latest film because it brought back the horror of the car crash that almost killed his son Sean.
The actor has admitted that he initially threw writer/director Shana Feste's script away because it was too heavy and had to be persuaded to pick it up again ...

Last Updated: 2010-02-18T16:13:24+05:30
Pierce Brosnan Actor Pierce Brosnan who is portraying the role of a politician in his new flick ‘The Ghost Writer’ believes that his role is inspired by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
The Bond star claimed that he closely studied and researched about Tony Blair to perfect his ...

Last Updated: 2010-02-17T17:40:02+05:30
Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson, the current heartthrob of Hollywood claimed that he was impressed with the former Bond star Pierce Brosnan's reaction towards the fans.
The ‘Twilight’ star is working with Pierce Brosnan in the new movie ‘Remember Me’.
The star admitted ...

Last Updated: 2009-08-17T15:32:34+05:30
Pierce Brosnan Hollywood’s former “Bond”, Pierce Brosnan, is accusing the slaughtering of dolphins and forcing the officials in Japan to put an end to this dolphin massacre.
He has been into environmental campaigning for a long time and has appreciated the work of investigative ...

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