The Pentax K200D, the successor to the K100D, comes with some excellent new features. Listed below are its technical specifications, latest features and price.

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Pentax K200D

Not many entry level DSLRs are made keeping the entry level shutter bug in mind, which is quite sad. Most of them would be only too willing to understand how to set exposure values on their own, to understand the relationship between shutter speed and aperture, but most have to resort to the trial and error method, which also means that it would take them at least a whole year to be able to correctly predict the appropriate exposure values for certain scenes. Wouldn’t it be easy if an entry level compact camera gave its users a guide as to what the correct exposure for a certain scene would be, so that they have a point of reference to begin with? This is what Pentax Imaging must have thought of when they came up with the Pentax K200D, which is a 10.2mp DSLR which comes with a Green Mode that gives the users a point of reference in terms of exposure values, so that the users know how to execute their scenes.

Design and Functioning

This comfortably rounded and sturdy camera qualifies to the very last detail in terms of the design and dimensions of an entry level DSLR. The Pentax K200D is dust and water resistant, thanks to a system of 60 different seals used throughout the design. The camera has a deep, contoured handgrip on the right-hand side, coated in a rubberized compound to aid grip, so three fingers are all a used needs to firmly grip it. The large 2.7 inch LCD screen is bright, clear and has a perfectly acceptable refresh rate and pixel count. Its dust removal system works in three stages: first, an anti static coating on the CCD helps repel dust and other harmful substances, while secondly, any that do settle are shaken free by a high speed, vibrating CCD-shift mechanism. Lastly, a sticky pad at the base of the CCD collects any stray particles to prevent them from attacking the sensor a second time round. Much like its predecessor, this camera also comes with built in Image Stabilization (or Shake Reduction, as it is called) function which can be adapted to any lens. The revolutionary Green Mode incorporated in this camera allows the user to set the correct exposure for a certain scene, as calculated by the camera, so that he or she has a reference point to start from. To allow for advanced storage facilities, which would normally be found in higher end DSLRs, the Pentax K200D includes RAW buttons, which set the image quality of a JPEG type image to whichever RAW format is selected in the menu system, to retain greater details. This camera is compatible with SD/SDHC cards.

Pentax K200D Pentax K200D digital camera

Pentax K200D Price India
Price: Rs. 34,260.00Resolution: 10.20 MP

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Technical Specifications of Pentax K200D
OverviewCamera type DSLR
Battery (Type) Li-Ion, NiMH
DimensionsWidth (mm) 134
Depth (mm) 74
Height (mm) 95
Weight 630g
LensShutter Speed (seconds) 1/4000 - 30
ISO rating Auto, Manual 100-1600
Interchangeability Yes
Compatible Lenses PENTAX KAF2-, KAF-, and KA-
Lens Mount PENTAX KAF bayonet
Image SensorType CCD
Total Resolution(MP) 10.75
Effective Resolution(MP) 10.20
Dust Reduction System Yes
ViewfinderType Optical Through-The-Lens
MemoryCard Type SD/SDHC Memory Card
Light MeteringMulti Metering Yes
Center Weighted Metering Yes
Spot Metering Yes
ImagingExposure Compensation Manual or Automatic
Aperture Manual or Automatic
White Balance Manual or Automatic
Focus Manual or Automatic
Image Stabilization Automatic
Shooting Modes Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Action, Night scene portrait, Standard Flash-Off Scene Mode: Night Scene, Surf&Snow, Text,Sunset, Kids, Pet, Candlelight, Museum, Food
Built in Flash Automatic
External flash support Automatic
InterfaceWiFi NA
Bluetooth NA
Picbridge Yes
Hdmi NA
Primary FeaturesAuto Bracketing Yes
Self Timer 2.00
Face Detection Yes
Af Assist Lamp NA
Movie Mode NA
Red Eye Reduction Yes
Histogram Yes
Last Updated on : August 31, 2010

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