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Year 2009 will bring in good news for the Taurus individuals in all the spheres of life. Explore Taurus horoscope & predictions for the coming year.

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Taurus 2009

All set to celebrate the passing of 2008 and coming of 2009? The New Year brings with it new aspirations about the future and some anxiousness as well. Though all of us take up the challenges that life poses in front of us, we would not mind to know a little about the future, so as to prepare ourselves beforehand. This is why almost all of us read horoscopes. In the following lines, we provide a comprehensive detail of the how Taureans would fare in year 2009.
The year 2009 will mostly be good for you, except a few hitches here and there. It would give you satisfactory results, but an element of discomfort might be there. The placement of Jupiter, in the 9th and 10th houses, will bring good news. It would also keep you busy throughout the year. You will enjoy good relations with your superiors/bosses. An increase in income as well as status is indicated. There can also be frequent journeys, which will prove fruitful to you. You might be religiously or philosophically inclined. The family atmosphere, on the whole, will be quite cordial, but the health of someone in the family may deteriorate.
Saturn’s placement in the 4th house, however, is not likely to be good. You may be deprived of your peace of mind and even family comforts. There can also be delays and obstacles in achieving desired results. You may develop strained relations with your own people as well. Nevertheless, these hitches will not block your progress. Rahu’s placement in the 9th house, till November, is okay. You may come across influential people and make friends with them. Rahu’s transit into the 8th house, from November onwards, can affect your health.

Dhyraj Kamale

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