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Check out the 2009 Scorpio horoscope to get the yearly predictions and forecast, regarding various spheres of life.

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Scorpio 2009

Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Color: White
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Lucky Dates: 7, 16, 25
Lucky Month: July  
Ishta Deva: Lord Kartikswami, Lord Hanuman 
Vrat (Fast): Tuesday
Charity: Feed the hungry and give radish, fruit or sweets to gold/black smiths
Lucky Metal: Gold, Copper
Lucky Stone: Red Stone (Munga)
Direction: North 
Finger: Ring Finger           
At the end of the year, many of you will be surfing the Internet to get your yearly predictions for 2009, to know whether luck will shine on you or not. Some of you will also be interested in getting information about the things which may enhance your luck. If you are a Scorpio and are looking for what all will prove lucky for you in the coming year, read this article. Given below is 2009 horoscope, providing you with forecast and predictions for the coming year.
The year 2009 will bring satisfactory results to Scorpios. Jupiter’s position in the 3rd house, between January and May and then again between September and December, is good. You will display confident and courageous behavior, which will help you accomplish your tasks in a better way. An increase in income and status is predicted. Family atmosphere will be quite pleasant and there will be harmony among the members. Celebration of an auspicious function at home is on the cards.
You will enjoy much fame and respect in the society. Jupiter will be in the next house between May and September, which may not prove beneficial. The health of someone in your family may bother you. Saturn’s placement in the 10th house is likely to be good. Though it will make you work hard, your efforts will be appreciated by others. Your working conditions will also improve. This year will be beneficial for any dealings with the society.
Rahu will be in the 3rd house and Ketu will be in the 9th house, till November, which will prove beneficial. Some of your problems may get sorted out without much effort. You will be in touch with people staying in far off places. Your long-cherished plans are likely to be materialized. Your creativity will enable you to solve problems, no matter how difficult they are. Frequent journeys are on the cards, which will open new horizons.
You will come across many influential people and the contact with them will prove highly beneficial. At the beginning of 2009, Jupiter will assist you in completing your pending works. By the grace of Jupiter, some of your dreams are likely to come true. The position of Saturn, in the 10th house, will prove to be wonderful for your career. Luck will shine on you during this year and you will enjoy name, fame and money.

Dhyraj Kamale

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