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Find here the yearly forecast and horoscope predictions for Sagittarius individuals in 2009.

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Sagittarius 2009

Lucky Number - 3
Lucky Color - Yellow
Lucky Day - Thursday
Lucky Dates - 3, 12, 21 and 30  
Lucky Month - March and December
Vrat (Fast) - Thursday
Charity - Feed hungry people
Lucky Metal - Gold
Lucky Stone - Topaz
Direction - East
Finger (stone) - Index Finger
Anxious about how the forthcoming year will be for you? Almost all the people would relate to having such a feeling as New Year approaches. There are butterflies in the stomach about what good or bad the coming year has in store for each one of us. Sagittarians can know all about every aspect of their life in the yearly forecast for the year 2009.
Sagittarius Yearly Prediction 2009
This year is likely to give Sagittarians good results. Jupiter’s placement in the 2nd house during the month of May 2009 will be beneficial. Chances are that it will enter the 3rd house between the months of May and December. This transit will give Sagittarius individuals satisfactory results. You might have an additional source of income during this period. As for family life, there would be harmony among the members. The attitude of the family members will also be quite cordial. An addition to the family cannot be ruled out. It can be either through a marriage or the birth of a child.
The transition phase would also bring in a lot of confidence to carry out your pursuits. Saturn’s place in the 9th house is good. You will make friends with the influential people you come across. Friends and well-wishers will provide their whole-hearted support. Long distance travel is also in cards and might be helpful, as they would open up new horizons. You might also be religiously or philosophically inclined. In this context, you might come across some spiritual persons.
Planet Rahu’s placement in the 2nd house till November 2009 and then its entry into the Lagna are satisfactory. This will give you a practical approach to reap the maximum profit out of existing situations. On the negative side, the health of someone in your family may cause anxiety. Apart from this, you will not have many problems this year. On mental and intellectual levels, your creativity will enable you to learn more. Your business would also be a smooth sailing one.
An expansion of the same business or launching of a new venture is not ruled out. For the employed Sagittarians, a promotion may be expected. There will be improvement in your public image as well. Unexpected benefits are likely. This might occur in various sectors of life or just one specific part of life i.e. money, respect, love, affections, help, opportunity, etc.

Dhyraj Kamale

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