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Know all about yearly predictions and horoscope for Pisces/Piscean individuals in the year 2009.

Astrology: Pisces: Pisces 2009

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Pisces 2009

Lucky Number - 6
Lucky Color - Blue
Lucky Day -Thursday
Lucky Dates - 6, 15 and 24  
Lucky Month - June
Ishta Deva - Lord Vishnu and Varunc
Vrat (Fast) – Thursday
Charity - Feed hungry people
Lucky Metal - Gold 
Lucky Stone - Yellow Topaz, Peridot
Direction - North East
Finger - Index Finger
Along with the happiness and excitement that New Year brings across, anxiety follows closely behind. New Year, new opening, new resolutions and new directions, but also fresh anxieties about the way the year would turn out to be! Reading horoscope about how the coming year would be is something that almost everyone indulges in. For the sensitive and emotional Pisceans, the search ends here, as we provide them with a detailed analysis of how year 2009 would be like.   
The coming year will neither be too good, nor too bad for Pisceans. Your zodiac lord Jupiter’s placement in the 11th house will bring in good news. You will get good opportunities as far as your professional life is concerned. Though there might be some problems initially, at the end, everything will turn for the better. An increase in income, as well as in status, might be there. Friends and well-wishers will extend their full support to you. Frequent journeys are on the cards and would open up new horizons for you. Chances are that all the ambitious plans, which you have made, would have successful results.
As for family life, the atmosphere will be quite peaceful. There would be harmonious relationship amongst the family members. There are chances of celebrating a function in the family as well. It can be related either to a marriage or the birth of a child. Saturn’s placement will lead to improvement in your working conditions. You will develop a good rapport and understanding with your superior/boss, with time. The attempts of your opponents to tarnish your image will not be successful. Success in competitive exams is also predicted.
Rahu’s placement in the 11th house and Ketu’s position in the 5th house are good. You may come across a lot of new people and make friends with them. Financially, you will do well. Try to make the best use of this year. You will have tremendous courage and confidence to carry out your pursuits smoothly. In your business, you will do well. You will also command respect in your career. All in all, the coming year would be good for you in all respects.

Dhyraj Kamale

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