Horoscope 2011

Find all about love, career, family and health of Leo individuals in this free 2011 yearly prediction/forecast and horoscopes for Leo.

Astrology: Leo: Leo Horoscope 2011

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Leo Horoscope 2011

The year brings with itself fortune that will help you to imply some creativity in your business. Don’t hesitate, express yourself, and certainly you will be understood! Your professional life will be more dynamic as compared to the previous year. Financial position will be more or less same as the last year. Try to spend money more wisely; this is time to stop those unnecessary expenses. You need not worry on the health front, but do take your morning walk & yoga session without any ifs and buts. Your energy level would remain on top throughout the year that adds an extra star to your unmatched charm and helps you stay cheerful most of the time.

You may find yourself falling in love with someone unattainable or attached, but use some caution in this respect. You may decide to buy a new comfortable vehicle for children somewhere in the middle of the year. Family front seems to remain fine with support from loved ones.The people you meet this year will stir you into new ways of thinking. Later in the year you would be receiving good news from siblings or close relatives. Journey to a hill station will release all the tensions.
You will find ample opportunities coming this year for you. Your personal as well as professional life will find solutions to all the hurdles coming your way. Professionals from science background will get more respect from the society. Business related to fashion and beauty might find some problems in expanding.
Your strength and power both will increase as compared to the previous year. Your health will support you in your work that will bring you good profits also. The middle of the year might make you a bit lazy that can affect your personal life. Try to maintain a good balance between your work and your family. Try to stay away from all kinds of arguments as it will affect your health.
You will enjoy with your family in all respects. Some religious and positive events might take place at your house. Your sister or some other girl of your family might get married. Your father and your brother will give you more support in your life. Aggression can greatly harm your image among your family members, so be cool and calm.
Leo Love Horoscope 2011
Gifts and surprises will be exchanged among the couples. Some big arguments or quarrels might take place among the partners that can affect their relationship. Due to some personal problems misunderstandings might arise in your relationship.
Lucky Number: 22
Lucky Color: Indigo
Lucky Months: August, December

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