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Astrology: Leo: Leo 2010

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Leo 2010

Leo is the fifth sign of zodiac. People born between July 21st and August 20th come under this sign. A fire sign, Leo represents royalty. Leo individuals generally assume high ranks in the society. Many rulers and politicians are Leo individuals. Leos are good looking, rather magnetically attractive. They impress others with their charisma and are naturally attractive to the society as well. People born under this sun sign are very powerful at middle age, but their power and strength deteriorates as they grow older. Leos are naturally broad minded, very caring, good organizers and highly enthusiastic.
In the year 2010, the planets might change their positions very often, which is not so good for Leo individuals. Politicians in the ruling party might face difficult situations until July, after which, the situations might get better. This year, Jupiter would be placed in the seventh house for most of the time. For the entire year, Saturn, which controls the situations related to finance, family and life style, would be placed in the second house.
Leo individuals might face financial crisis in 2010. The placement of shadow planets would not prove beneficial for individuals born under this sun sign. The arrangement of shadow planets in the zodiac is not encouraging for the Leos. They might face hardships in relation to the future, talents, romance and children. Even friendships would be disturbed and fulfillment of individual wishes would prove difficult.

Bharath Sharma

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