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If you are a Leo and are looking for your horoscope for the year 2009, this article will come handy. Read on to get your yearly predictions.

Astrology: Leo: Leo 2009

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Leo 2009

Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Color: Pink
Lucky Day: Sunday
Lucky Dates: 5, 14, 23 
Lucky Month: May
Ishta Deva: Lord Narayan
Vrat (Fast): Sunday
Charity: Feed handicapped people
Lucky Metal: Gold
Stone: Ruby
Direction: East
Finger: Ring finger

The future always fascinates us. In fact, there is hardly any person on this earth who would not like to know about their future. As the present year comes to an end, the generous Lion must be as eager as those born under others zodiacs, to explore what 2009 has in store for him/her. We bring an end to this suspense, by bringing the Leo horoscope for 2009, in the lines below. 

People born under the zodiac sign of Leo may get satisfactory results in the next year. The position of Jupiter in the 6th house, between January and May and then between September and December, is not congenial. You may have to put in extra efforts to get the desired results. At times, you may face setbacks or failures in your attempts. You may develop strained relations with your superiors/boss. The family atmosphere will not be peaceful. There will be lack of harmony among your family members.
Your opponents may try to tarnish your reputation and if you are not vigilant enough, they might even succeed in the process. Try to refrain yourself from court cases, as 2009 is not good for legal issues. Saturn’s placement in the Lagna, till October, and in the 2nd house thereafter, is not favorable. You may be deprived of certain benefits which would have came your way effortlessly. Your friends and associates will try to take advantage of you. Money matters should be dealt with utmost care. Any kind of investment should not be made without studying its pros and cons. Take care of your health throughout the year.
During the period of Mars, there will be lack of opportunities. You may suffer loss in your business. There will be no increase in income. None of your plans will materialize. If you are employed, your working conditions might deteriorate. There will be strained relations with your superiors. Financially, this will not be a good period for you. Your friends will not lend their support. You will not achieve fame. One good aspect of this period is that your family atmosphere will be peaceful and there will be accord among the family members.
During the sub-period of Rahu, you will lack courage and confidence. Your career will not show any improvement. You will not do well in your business and there will be lack of opportunities. A long awaited promotion will fail to come through and you will not be able to handle difficult situations. Your enemies will try their best to tarnish your image. You will not be successful in competitive exams. On the positive side, journeys will open up new horizons for you, so try to make the most of them. There is risk of robbery at home, so exercise caution.

Dhyraj Kamale

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