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Go through the yearly predictions/forecasts & horoscopes of individuals born under the sun sign Capricorn, for 2010.

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Capricorn 2010

Capricorn is the tenth zodiac and is ruled by Saturn. This is one of the most important houses, because it is Saturn’s own territory and forms the house of occupation. Capricorn sign stands for water bounded forests, canals, tanks and wells. In human body, the zodiac sign represents hair, bones, two knees and patella bones. This shows that experts in any field are mostly Capricorn individuals. They are mostly genius personalities. 
The year 2010 would provide good results for the Capricorn individuals, due to the positioning of the planets. Jupiter, placed in the 3rd house, would give good financial support to the individuals born under this sun sign. Change of position or places is also in-store this year, for the Capricorn individuals. Short journeys are on the cards. You might start a write-up about work or your life’s experiences. Regular writers, journalist, columnist would spend a busy time in the entire year.
Saturn placed in ninth house would be good for Capricorn individuals, in the year 2010. This arrangement of the planet, with co-operating Jupiter, would enhance the quality of lifestyle of the Capricorn individuals, in 2010. Shadow planets Rahu and Kethu placed in Twelfth house and Sixth house axis would produce mixed results for you. In the society, you would hold a respectable position and the people around you would accept your influence, quite easily. Hard work would result in completion of pending works. You might buy a new vehicle in 2010. It is advisable to work hard, in order to get the desired results. Sunday is risky day. Wednesday is good for higher studies and to keep good health. Friday is good for any work.

Bharath Sharma

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