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The article gives you a complete personality of an Aries man. Read on to know about love traits and characteristic profile of Aries men.

Astrology: Aries: Aries Man

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Aries Man

An Aries man has a strong masculine build and is fun loving and charming. He is always set for some new and enriching experiences in life and exhibits his fearless and brave face towards the realities of life. An Aries man is energetic and has great entrepreneurial skills. He is said to be the cynosure of all eyes and is surrounded by women at all times, who are ready to woo him by all means. He is very ambitious, hardworking, exciting and plans carefully for the future. Only external beauty is not what an Arian looks for, he wants his better half to be intelligent as well.
Aries guys love the typical woman, who is all girly and feminine. However, at the same time, she has to be adept in masculine chores and should not shy away from them. Aries male is romantic at heart and once he has made the choice of partner, he tends to remain constant and true. He would want to have a partner who would be totally organized. Arian man is very particular when it comes to planning his future. The best way to gel with him is to go according to the plans he has etched out for life.
Though an Aries man has the ability to earn a lot of money, he lacks the capability to save it during the course of his lives. Extravagance has always been his weakness. A true Arian male would never resign to the dictates of others, but may be hostile and illogical when dealing with those who fall under his supervision. He would be totally enthusiastic about his work and show a great determination to succeed. The Aries male is progressive and quick to demonstrate his ability to do good work and thus, tends to gain rapid promotion.

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