Microsoft announced the prices for the Windows 7 OS, which comes as a free upgrade for Windows Vista users.

Windows 7 Cost Announced
Last Updated: 2009-06-27T12:11:28+05:30
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Windows 7
Windows 7
Microsoft announced the prices for the Windows 7 operating system, which will definitely cost the consumers less when compared to its Vista counterpart.
The approximate prices in United States for Windows 7 upgrade are:
·         Windows 7Home Premium : $119.99
·         Windows 7 professional : $199.99
·         Windows 7 Ultimate : $219.99
The approximate prices for the complete Windows 7 package are:-
·         Windows 7 Home Premium ; $199.99
·         Windows 7 Professional : $299.99
·         Windows 7 Ultimate : $319.99

According to Microsoft, customers who buy new PCs before the launch of Windows 7 OS have the ability of getting free upgrade as soon as the OS is released during fall. But consumers having Windows Vista Home Basic are not eligible for this scheme. Microsoft is also providing the option to pre-order Windows 7 OS. This scheme can be availed by the people who reside in US as well as some selected markets. These consumers will be offered a 50% discount on the prices.

This offer is valid till 11th July, 2009 for those who are in Canada and US where as for the Japanese customers the offer is slated to end on the 5th of July. The customers from France, UK and Germany can pre-order their Windows 7 OS from July 15, 2009 till August 14, 2009.

Microsoft Windows 7 will hit the stores officially on October 22.


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