It is reported that Salman Khan has taken break from 'Twitter' after his alleged comments on 26/11 attack has sparked controversy.

What Is Making Salman Upset?
Last Updated: 2010-09-16T16:51:56+05:30
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What Is Making Salman Upset?
Salman Khan
Salman Khan
Salman Khan is not in a cheerful mood even after his latest release ‘Dabbang’ is breaking records at the box-office. But what has made our Sallu Bhai upset?
It is reported that Sallu has taken break from 'Twitter’ following his alleged comments on 26/11 attack has sparked controversy.
A source was quoted as saying, “Salman has just stopped tweeting for the time being.”
A family member added, “Bhai does not want to tweet now, and has made no mention of deleting his account. He’s extremely upset with what has happened recently. He’s not able to enjoy the success of his film as the controversy (on his alleged comments regarding the 26/11 attacks on a Pakistani channel) has ruined it for him!”
However, the decision of Salman has made his fans curious and they are repeatedly sending him messages to start twitting again. It is also reported that Salman is not going to delete his account but will be absent from the scene for some time.
“We are not in a favour of him deleting his account because that would mean rolling down a red carpet for the impostors. We have told Bhai that Twitter is a great tool to interact with his fans directly, and he should not think of deleting his account. He can think of not tweeting for the time being, but we have told him not to delete his account at any cost,” the family member informed.
Meanwhile, Salman’s depressed mood has worried his family members including his mother, Salma. She informed that the actor is quite upset from last few days and is keeping it to himself.
“Abhi woh theek hai. He was not in the best of moods. I’ve not discussed the issue with him, I just let it be. He’s just stepped out of the home now after all these days. But we’ve received so many calls. Everybody’s concerned about him. I just want this to pass,” Salman’s mother confirmed.

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