Well Done Abba is a comedy movie about a father who goes to find a suitable groom for his daughter and the story of his journey. Read on to know ‘Well Done Abba’ movie review in detail.

Well Done Abba : Movie Review
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Well Done Abba Review- Well Done Abba Movie Review
Well Done Abba
Well Done Abba
Director: Shyam Benegal
Star Cast: Boman Irani, Minissha Lamba, Ila Arun
We should not always deal with the serious things of life, but instead we should take time sit back and enjoy life in a light hearted manner. What else can freshen up the mood in a weekend other than good cinema with popcorn? If, you are also looking for a combination of humour with an emotional touch then this movie ‘Well Done Abba’is just the right choice.
It is a Shyam Benegal movie with a solid script. His movies are always quite different from conventional Indian movies and each of his movies has a deeper meaning with an easy light hearted script. After Zubeidaa, Manthan, Ankur, Sardari Begum and ‘welcome to Sajjanpur’ which was a comedy. His movies are not only entertainment for a one time watch but it also carries deeper meanings.
The story is about Armaan Ali (Boman Irani) who works as a driver in Mumbai. Armaan takes leave from his work and goes to find a suitable groom for his daughter. But, he reaches office only after three months. His boss becomes irate and asks for an explanation otherwise he will get him sacked. From that point of time the story rolls on filled with entertainment. He gives a hilarious reason to his boss for his self-extended absence from work. The story revolves around his twin brother Rehman Ali (Boman Irani), his daughter (Minissha Lamba) and his brother’s wife Salma (Ila Arun).
The uniqueness of this movie is that though it is a comedy movie but, it does not go too far in an unrealistic manner to tickle the audience to laugh. This movie deals with very realistic facts of life and brings comedy out if it. Armaan Ali’s character is so beautifully portrayed that it has the potential to grab the audience’s attention till the movie ends.
Excellent direction by the legendary director, Shyam Benegal. The script of the movie is just too good. The movie has been provided with appreciable screenplay. The flick has excellent music by Shantanu Moitra with some very sweet numbers.
Describing the performances is an easy job for this movie, just one word describes the performance of all its cast- “awesome”. Though, Boman Irani successfully steals away the limelight by playing a double role and giving his best.  Ila Arun also gave her best as Rehman Ali’s wife. Minissha Lamba comes back in this movie as a simple, young, beautiful rural girl. She got the appropriate break in this movie to prove her acting abilities under the direction of Shyam Benegal.
This movie is a must watch for all the audience who wants to laugh away all their tensions and start a fresh week ahead. This movie is 100% worth the money you spend buying the tickets.

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