Victoria Beckham and Simon Cowell have come forward to sympathise with their friend Cheryl Cole.

Victoria Beckham & Simon Cowell Come To The Rescue Of Cheryl Cole
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Victoria Beckham & Simon Cowell Come To The Rescue Of Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell
Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell
Former spice girl star, Victoria Beckham and the media mogul Simon Cowell is trying their best to comfort their friend Cheryl Cole who is left broken after her separation from soccer star husband Ashley Cole.
Victoria Beckham has claimed that she can understand the pain ‘The Girls Aloud’ singer is going through as she has also passed through such phase when her soccer ace husband, David Beckham, was accused of cheating on her with his assistant Rebecca Loos in 2004.
"I have so much sympathy for Cheryl. My heart goes out to her - both as a woman and as someone in the media spotlight. I feel for her so much; it's a horrible situation but she's a fantastic, strong woman and she will be fine... I do sympathise," Victoria Beckham quoted.
Meanwhile, media mogul Simon Cowell has also come forward to sympathise with the singer and claimed that he is always there for his friends.  Cowell stars alongside Cheryl Cole on his U.K. talent show ‘The X Factor’.
Simon Cowell said, "We've been in touch, of course. We text back and forth. She's a friend and you're always there for friends. I told her you've got to stick to what feels right for you. She's having a hard time right now but she'll be fine."

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