According to a new study, Upper respiratory tract infection in pregnant women can be reduced if they have a minimum of 7 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

URTI During Pregnancy Can Be Reduced By Fruits
Last Updated: 2009-07-09T12:57:43+05:30
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URTI During Pregnancy Can Be Reduced By Fruits

A new study related to pregnancy and respiratory infections has proved that pregnant women who eat at least seven daily servings of fruits and vegetables have lesser risk of developing upper respiratory tract infection. 

URTI include the common cold and sinus infections, which can lead to respiratory infections like asthma or pneumonia. 

"Pregnant women may require more fruits and vegetables than usual because of the extra demands on the body," said study co-author Martha M. Werler, professor at Slone Epidemiology Centre, Boston University Medical Centre (BUSM).

Even though the majority of URTIs are uncomplicated colds, identifying ways to prevent their occurrence is important because colds are the most common reason for school and work absences. 

Eating nutritious foods, especially fruits and vegetables, improves immunity but hadn't previously been associated with reducing the risk of URTIs in pregnant women.

BUSM researchers studied more than 1,000 pregnant women and found those who ate the most fruits and vegetables were 26% less likely to have URTI relative to those who ate the least. 

Pregnant women have been recommended to consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, said a BUSM release. 

This study showed that intake of higher levels, 6.71 servings per day, was associated with a moderate risk reduction for URTI. 

The study appeared online in the journal Public Health Nutrition.



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