Read on to know all about the athletics events at Olympics, also known by the name of track and field events.

Track And Field Events At Beijing 2008
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In a lot of ways, Athletics embodies the motto ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’ meaning faster, higher, stronger of the Olympic Games. Also known as Track and Field events, athletics is all about running faster, jumping higher and throwing further than one’s rivals.


The Olympic Games, during the time of its inception, comprised mainly of foot races. It was only occasionally that the event was made cumbersome by dressing up the runners in infantry armour or making them carry soldiers' shields.


Athletics or Track and Field still remains amongst the most riveting sporting events of Olympic Games. Athletics comprises a number of blue-ribbon events such as 100m dash, the 42.195km marathon, hammer throw and the high jump, which sees the most high profile of sportspersons competing against one another.


Athletics can be divided into four areas - track, field, road and combined events.


Track Events

The track events comprise sprints (100m, 200m, 400m), middle-distance running (800m,1500m) and long-distance running (5000m, 10,000m), hurdling (100m and 400m for women, 110m and 400m for men), relays (4 x 100m and 4 x 400m) and the 3000m steeplechase.


Field Events

The field events are for both males and females sportspersons. It comprises the long jump, triple jump, high jump, pole vault, shot put, discus, javelin and hammer throw. It was during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games that the women's pole vault and hammer throw were introduced.


Road Events

The road events consist of the men's and women's marathons, the men's 20km and 50km race walks and the women's 10km race walk.


Combined Events

The heptathlon for women and the decathlon for men - athletes compete in a series of track and field events over two days.


Total List Of Events


  1. 10000m Men
  2. 100m Men
  3. 110m hurdles Men
  4. 1500m Men
  5. 200m Men
  6. 20 km walk Men
  7. 3000m steeplechase Men
  8. 400m Men
  9. 400m hurdles Men
  10. 4x100m relay Men
  11. 4x400m relay Men
  12. 5000m Men
  13. 50 km walk Men
  14. 800m Men
  15. decathlon Men
  16. Men Discus Throw
  17. Men Hammer Throw
  18. Men High Jump
  19. Men Javelin Throw
  20. Men Long Jump
  21. marathon Men
  22. pole vault Men
  23. shot put Men
  24. Women Triple Jump
  25. Men Triple Jump
  26. 10000m Women
  27. 100m Women
  28. 100 m hurdles Women
  29. 1500m Women
  30. 200m Women
  31. 20km race walk Women
  32. 3000m steeplechase Women
  33. 400m Women
  34. 400m hurdles Women
  35. 4x100m relay Women
  36. 4x400m relay Women
  37. 5000m Women
  38. 800m Women
  39. Women Discus Throw
  40. Women Hammer Throw
  41. heptathlon Women
  42. Women High Jump
  43. Women Javelin Throw
  44. Long jump Women
  45. marathon Women
  46. pole vault Women
  47. shot put Women

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