Sonam Kapoor is busy enjoying her part of the ‘IHLS’ success, while poor Shahid Kapoor is calling himself a ‘flop hero’ and Sonam a ‘hit heroine’.

Sonam Is A ‘Hit Heroine’, While Shahid Is a ‘Flop Hero’
Last Updated: 2010-07-13T14:27:12+05:30
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Sonam Is A ‘Hit Heroine’, While Shahid Is a ‘Flop Hero’
Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor
Now, when Sonam have enjoyed the first taste of success after giving two continuous flops, she is back in Edinburgh to continue the shooting of movie, ‘Mausam’ with Shahid Kapoor.
So far, Shahid has given only a few hits out of his 19 long list of movies and is upset over the fact that his recent release ‘Milengey Milengey’ received almost a no entry at the box office kind of response.
It seems that Shahid is too much upset with him and says that Sonam is a hit heroine while Shahid is a flop hero. He just can’t stop talking about it and source adds, “After a point Sonam just told him to stop it. But Shahid was unstoppable."
But, Sonam and Shahid have been talking on the sets in free time about their hits and flops and said many things about each other. They will be seen romancing each other in a specially built carriage in a part of Edinburgh. No other films have been shot  so far at such a place.
A source reveals, “Sonam and Shahid have been shooting this week at the Royal Mile, which is the longest road in Edinburgh and not open to traffic, let alone film shootings. It's a long stretch with restricted movement for locals, so that there was little intrusion from Shahid and Sonam's Indian fans."
But, fans are desperate to see the two stars together and mostly NRI Indian fans are gathering around the place. Although due to privacy and security reasons, both the stars are kept aloof from the crazy crowd.
A source adds, “Naturally without fans hovering to take pictures and start off a conversation, Shahid and Sonam were much relaxed at the mythic Royal Mile. Shahid had a field day taking potshots at his own film and congratulating Sonam for her success."

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