Sonam and Abhay Deol are good friends and it was made clearer, when Sonam defended Abhay. She took his side, when everyone questioned about his absence in the promotional campaigns of ‘Aisha’.

Sonam Defends Abhay
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Sonam Defends Abhay
Sonam Kapoor, Abhay Deol
Sonam Kapoor, Abhay Deol
In the recent promotions of the movie ‘Aisha’, Abhay was not seen anywhere in the promotional campaigns, although he is the lead actor of the movie. Pertaining to this fact, Sonam made an excuse on the behalf of the actor.
The presence of the lead actors in a movie is very important at the time of its release. But, Mr. Deol was hardly seen in the whole scene, the reasons are best known to him. May be he thought to keep away from  it as the protagonist of the movie is anyways Sonam and the movie revolves around her character. So, he might have thought to escape the long tiring hours of the promotional campaigns, when he won’t get the fruit!
Surprisingly, Abhay is promoting his upcoming movie, ‘Road’ aggressively as his role is more wide spread in it. ‘Road’ is a big budget movie and he is more interested in making his role loud and clear to the audiences.
While, dear friend Sonam explains that he didn’t become a part of the movie as he was busy shooting for Zoya Akthar’s ‘Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara’ which stars Hrithik and Katrina in it.
Well, well, well! All is fair as he should concentrate in something which gets more PR to him rather than doing something which will just focus more on his co-star rather than himself.

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