Sikandar fails to meet its expectation as a suspense thriller.

Sikandar Review
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Sikandar Review
Director: Piyush Jha
Producer: Sudhir Mishra
Music Director: Justin-Uday, Sandesh Shandilya
Star Cast: R. Madhavan, Sanjay Suri, Parzan Dastur, Ayesha Kapur
Sikandar is a movie from director Piyush Jha, which stars Parzaan Dastur, who had starred in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai as a young boy who did not speak and kept on counting the stars.  Dastur had been seen last in a movie called Parzania, which had depicted the life of a real-life Parsi couple caught in the communal crossfire in Gujarat. Dastur had portrayed the character of the couple's son who gets lost in the riots and is yet to be found.
Sikandar is a movie which is supposed to be revolving around “Kashmir Issue”. Let me give a brief on what exactly they mean by Kashmir issues here. There are numerous issues in Kashmir which needs to be solved. One among them is the alienation of young school-going boys and girls, the reason cited being the ongoing chaotic conditions of the state.
Sikandar is a daring attempt by Piyush Jha to look into and tackle the politics behind this sensitive issue.
Sikanda is a 14-year-old boy, who comes across a gun on his way to school. Even though his new friend, Nasreen disapproves him against the possession of the gun, he uses it to threaten the bullies at school as well as to evade all the uncomfortable situations he faces in his life.
Slowly, the gun starts playing a vital role in his life. But very soon he bumps into a terrorist, who finds that he can be moulded into the person to get rid of a former separatist leader, which has been essayed by Sanjay Suri.
The innocent and immature Sikandar, who agrees to the mission for a small favour in return, fails to accomplish his mission as Nasreen comes in between him and his target. Later, the terrorist meets Sikandar. From this point the movie takes a twist and gives the feel of belonging to its genre, suspense thriller.
But the movie fails to leave any impression on the audiences as it moves at a very slow pace, which is not a pattern normally expected from a suspense movie. As far as the human interest angle is concerned, it is full of ambiguity.
Ayesha Kapoor performance as Nasreen leaves a lot to be desired, where as Parzaan Dastur as Sikandar could have done a better job. R Madhavan performance is praise-worthy while Sanjay Suri has come up with a decent job
In short, Sikandar would have left a better impression if it had it stuck to its human-interest angle.

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