Shobha De has always been critical with rom-com kind of movies. Her words created a crater size hole in the hearts of ‘IHLS’ stars with her blog.

Shobha De Hates Dumb Stories
Last Updated: 2010-07-12T16:08:03+05:30
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Shobha De Hates Dumb Stories
Shobha De
Shobha De
Call it unfair or rude to use one’s image and talent to ruin someone’s work and potential. Eminent writer Shobha De did something similar for the latest rom-com ‘IHLS’ and posted something questionable on her blog recently.
 Well, it is not for the first time that De has tried to build up her attention in public by trying to lowering somebody’s worth at the same time. Recently, Shobha De mentioned her feelings about ‘IHLS’ on her blog and she just wrote, ‘She Hates Dumb Storys’.
The sentence reflects her cynical thinking and attitude towards other works. But, Imran and Sonam took the challenge of replying her back; both of them used their own ways to condemn the veteran columnist.
Sonam criticized Shobha by giving paleontological metaphor and a gynecological reference to De on Twitter and Imran Khan promptly replied to it.
But, Anil Kapoor and Aamir Khan pulled away their wards from the war of words and the tweet was deleted the next day from their accounts.
Shobha De had also once criticized Aishwarya and Akshay Khanna starrer ‘Taal’ and she called the on-screen chemistry between the two actors as similar to sulphuric acid. In fact she didn’t also leave King Khan and had critically evaluated SRK’s statements on the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
SRK had also replied her in the same coin and he had said, “'I like her, but at the end of the day she's cynicism dressed in a designer sari.
Might be true! Well, Shobha De has always been plunging ahead into other’s domain as she has the power of words with her. That is why, somebody has correctly said, ‘Words are thousand times powerful than any act of violence.”

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