Shelby Super Car will be launching the world’s fastest car, Ultimate Aero, in Mumbai within a few months.

Shelby Super Car ‘Ultimate Aero’ To Hit Indian Roads Soon
Last Updated: 2009-09-22T12:29:34+05:30
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Shelby Super Car ‘Ultimate Aero’ To Hit Indian Roads Soon
Shelby Super Car ‘Ultimate Aero’
Shelby Super Car ‘Ultimate Aero’
The US- based automobile manufacturer, Shelby Super Car, is planning to foray into Indian automobile market by launching its Ultimate Aero. This car is being flaunted as the world’s fastest car, with a top speed of 413kmph.
The supercar will be available at a cost of more than Rs. 6 crore in India.
SSC will be launching the Ultimate Aero initially in Mumbai over within the next few months after which the Delhiites will get to see this ultimate car. The car is currently being sold in the US and Russia, which will make India the third market of the automobile major. The Ultimate Aero costs $654,400 in the US, but in India it will attract 100% import duty, which will increase the price tag to Rs. 6 crore.
Maybach from Mercedes-Benz is currently the costliest car sold in India at a price tag of Rs. 5 crore.  Shelby expects to sell a few dozen of Aeros in India per annum.
Aero attains its speed with a 6.35L twin-turbo V8 engine which runs at 14PSI of boost and produces 1147hp of power at 6950 rpm and 1113NM of torque at 6200 rpm, with a 91 octane fuel.
The car is manufactured out of lightweight titanium and carbon fibre material.
The luxury features offered by Ultimate Aero include
  • Customised supple leather seats
  • Suede interior
  • Multi-speaker music system
  • On-board video with a DVD screen
  • Automatic back-up camera
  • Navigational backup
  • Power windows and mirrors

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