Bollywood actor, Shah Rukh Khan still practices the body language and speech patterns of his autistic character even at home.

Shah Rukh Khan Still Practising Autism
Last Updated: 2009-09-09T16:55:10+05:30
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Shah Rukh Khan Still Practising Autism
Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan
Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan is portraying the character of an autistic patient in Karan Johar’s forthcoming flick,‘ My Name Is Khan’ and the star is still not out of the character as he still practices the body language and speech patterns of his autistic character even at home.
Director of the flick, Karan Johar informed that he met a gracious couple Chris Aston and Maxine in London.  Maxine has penned down a book on how to cope with a spouse suffering from the disease as her husband Chris Aston is suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome.
“Shibani and I met the couple. They were gracious enough to meet us in London. And that couple’s relationship became the basis of Rizwan and Mandira’s relationsip in My Name Is Khan. At its core level this film is a love story”, Karan Johar said.
The director added, “My writer Shibani Bhatija researched extensively on various aspects of an autistic disorder and contacted the various National Autistic Centres. Shibani and I personally met a lot of autistic people, took notes went to  U-Tube. Then Shah Rukh did his own research.”
Karan Johar revealed that ‘My Name Is Khan’ has been the most difficult film of his career. “It has taken its toll on me and Shah Rukh. It’s true Shah Rukh remained in character as Rizwan Khan even at home. At home in his body language he’s always Rizwan. I see him doing it all the time. I don’t think he has got out of it. Even when he’s with his children at home.”
Karan Johar has dismissed the reports that Shah Rukh’s disorder in the movie is adapted from Tom Hank’s character in ‘Forrest Gump’.
“It’s not Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump at all. That was a totally different strain of autism. It’s nearer to Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man, though still very different. It’s what we call high-functional autism. You can have a regular life, be married, have children. But the syndrome does convey a fair amount of quirks and eccentricities. But his character is not essentially neuro-typical. The film has made me understand human behaviour and how to be compassionate and humane.”The film has sapped Karan’s energies. He needs to take a break. “I need to go away for a month. I don’t think it will happen. But no harm in dreaming.”

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