The grand nikaah of Sara-Ali will be telecast today on ĎBigg Bossí, but as per sources, both got married 1 years before, if that hold true, so their remarriage means that it is just for TRPís?

Sara-Aliís Marriage Just For TRPís
Last Updated: 2010-11-11T09:47:33+05:30
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Sara-Aliís Marriage Just For TRPís
Sara Khan, Ali Merchant
Sara Khan, Ali Merchant
‘Bigg Boss’ is slowly and steadily converting into ‘Bigg Drama’, as per Sara’s parents, Ali got married to her in a very simple Muslim ceremony one year back, but getting married again on ‘Bigg Boss’, so everything is just for TRP’s?
A video on net also shows that the couple got married to each other some time back and even a reputed news channel also covered the ceremony, even Ali’s parent’s supports the facts.
So, if that holds true, then it proves that whatever is happening in ‘Bigg Boss’ is all scripted, clearly positioned for TRP’s.
The haldi ceremony for the couple was shown yesterday on the show and their grand nikah ceremony would be telecast today.
Sara’s parent reveal that the information about their marriage was not given to media as their careers would get affected.
As per other relevant reports, both got married on November 10, 2009 and technically, they should be celebrating their first marriage anniversary!
So, does that mean that all the Ashmit-Sara drama, Sara-Ali drama, everything was scripted just for the sake of TRP’s and money?

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