Salman and Aishwarya Rai shared a relationship of many years, but finally she got married to Abhishek. However, the superstar has no regrets about it and he always wants Ash to live happily.

Salman Wants Ash To Lead A Happy Life
Last Updated: 2010-09-06T16:00:35+05:30
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Salman Wants Ash To Lead A Happy Life
Salman Khan
Salman Khan
Salman says that he always wants that his past girl friend beauty Aishwarya Rai to live happily and he has no regrets that he is not in the position of Abhishek.
Salman adds, “I am very happy she is married to Abhishek. He is a great guy from a good family. The best thing I can want for her is that she leads a happy life.”
Ever since there is news of Salman’s breakup with Katrina, the actor has been troubled and troubled. He is being asked countless questions to which incomplete answers have been given.

Salman adds, "There are so many other problems affecting people in the country, why is Salman-Katrina relationship national news? I am not giving any clarifications; the media can write whatever it wants. It is my personal life, if people want to know, they will have to wait and watch.”

The actor who is famously at logger’s heads with King Khan seems to be quite neutral about his relationship with him. A few days back, Salman had openly criticized the actor and even said that they can never be friends, but in return SRK had softly replied that he is a better actor than him.
Now, guilt conscious Salman adds "I have a lot of respect for Shah Rukh as an actor. We shared some good times playing brothers in Karan Arjun. There is no clash between us, but some misunderstandings crop up time and again.”
It seems that the always furious 45 years old actor is regretting on the number of mistakes he did in his life and now do not want to speak anything otherwise for anyone.

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