Salman and the ‘Ready’ crew is busy shooting in Sri Lanka now-a-days, for a break the team decided to watch ‘Raavan’, but surprisingly Salman Khan opted out of from seeing the movie.

Salman Stays Away From 'Raavan'
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Salman Stays Away From 'Raavan'
Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Salman and the ‘Ready’ crew are busy shooting in Sri Lanka now-a-days. For a break the team decided to watch ‘Raavan’, but surprisingly Salman Khan opted out of from seeing the movie.

After a whole day of shooting for the movie ‘Ready’, the group of actors and technicians decided to chill out and see ‘Raavan’. Salman was also asked to accompany the group.

Initially, Salman showed much interest and enthusiasm like the other unit members, but later opted out. The reason is very obvious, as the Raavan is worshipped in some parts of Sri Lanka and the movie brings out a bad character of Raavan.

Moreover, Salman has already earned much wrath from the Tamilians by visiting and endorsing for Sri Lanka. So, while being in Sri Lanka, he can’t take any of the routes, so he decided to stay away from watching the movie.

A source adds, “Initially Salman did show interest in the film. But then when it was time to accompany the rest of the Ready unit Salman opted out because of the controversial nature of the subject and also the fact that he has earned the wrath of the Tamilians by embracing endorsing and visiting Sri Lanka twice in a month.”

Mahesh Manjrekar, who is also shooting for the movie, adds, “I went with my friends. But it went very peacefully. I had also heard that the Sri Lankans were offended by the way Raavan was depicted. But there were 500 people in the theatre and they watched in rapt attention.”

  Salman is seen sacrificing a lot, it would have been much better for him, if Salman hadn’t requested the director to change the shooting locations from Mauritius to Sri Lanka!

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