This time it is not for Katrina Kaif but due to a serious injury Salman Khan is in great when he accidently sprained his arm while shooting for ‘Dabanng’.

Salman Khan In Great Pain, Not For Katrina Kaif!
Last Updated: 2010-02-10T14:41:48+05:30
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Salman Khan In Great Pain, Not For Katrina Kaif!
Salman Khan
Salman Khan
The macho actor Salman Khan seriously injured himself in a critical shot for ‘Dabanng’. Salman suffered a severe sprain in his arm and had to call off the shoot for next few days.
It is like he is following after Akshay Kumar who had sprained his ankle severely while doing a dance number recently. May be our Bollywood actors need to become more careful with sprain injury that has become an often case.
Salman reportedly tore a ligament in his right arm according to an eyewitness, he stated "Salman was shooting a complex action scene with action director Vijayan (Wanted) when he tore a ligament in his right arm. He could barely move it after that."
The dedicated actor initially took some painkillers and finished his scene that day. However, later he complained about his prevalent unavoidable severe pain and requested Vijayan after the pack up to shoot without him for few days.
Consequently later Salman’s arm swollened up and he was in great discomfort unable to lift the arm. The injury got aggravated,producer-director Arbaaz Khan informed, "Salman had an old injury or maybe the ligament he sprained was already strained.When he started shooting, the injury got aggravated. Salman took painkillers that day but by evening, his arm was all swollen and bruised. The next day, it got worse and he requested our action master to shoot without him for a day. It's difficult to do action scenes without lifting your arms and he couldn't do that. Salman is still in pain."
Well Salman you really need to take care and hope that you recover soon and back in action.

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