Inspired by his real life experience, Salman Khan relates his moment with his cell mate in the movie ‘Qaidi No 210’.

Salman Khan Bring His Cell Mate Live On Screen
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Salman Khan Bring His Cell Mate Live On Screen
Salman Khan
Salman Khan
This hero who by ill fate had to spend darker times in cell, shares his experience with his cellmate Mahesh Kumar Saini who was accused in an infamous chinkara case and was placed behind bars in 1996 to 1998 by depicting it onscreen ‘Qaidi No 210’.
To build up the script for the film Salman is helping Ranjit Sharma, the producer of 'Qaidi No 210' to give a realistic insight of cell experience and the undergoing of the criminal’s life.
In the term of his imprisonment, Salman had made friendship with Saini within  three days in Jodhpur Central jail in 1996.
Even the producer of the film was introduced to Saini to help him carry out his research work on his latest flick and currently Sharma has placed him as an onboard consultant.
Giving an insight on to his interaction with Saini, the producer revealed, “I spent quite some time researching the subject and met many people in Jodhpur Central jail. That’s where I also met Mahesh Kumar Saini, a murder suspect. I told him to get in touch with me whenever he was released. He got in touch some months ago and he has given me details about Salman’s stay in the jail. Chirag Patil, son of former cricketer Sandeep Patil, will play Salman.”
Regarding Salman’s contribution, Sajini reflected, “All I can say is that Salman is one of the nicest human beings I have ever met. I know for a fact that he is innocent. I can’t reveal more because he had told me everything in confidence, but Salman never fired that shot (which killed the chinkara). He is going through hell to save someone else. I don’t think he ever expected this incident to become such a controversial matter and that even political bigwigs would play dirty. But one day justice will be done.”

Initially Salman appeared very tensed in the first day of prison life, Sajini recollects, “On the first day, he was tense. I was the jail monitor, so I chatted with him and took him for a prison tour.” 

Recollecting how Salman had offered him Rs 20,000 as a token to which Saini had declined and he revealed, “I told him I can’t take the money, but I’d be grateful if he could find me a job when I got out. Salman said he’d do the needful, but I have to reach him. I hope to meet him someday because I know a person like him will honour his word.”

It is quite impressive how Salman unselfishly goes overboard to help others which is a rare case in today’s world.

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