Salman Khan, the corrupt cop of ‘Dabangg’ proved that he really cares about his girls and kids fans. He proved it by cancelling his Hyderabad conference for their sake.

Salman Cares The Most For Girls And Kids
Last Updated: 2010-09-08T09:33:59+05:30
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Salman Cares The Most For Girls And Kids
Salman Khan
Salman Khan
It seems Sallu Bhai is one of those celebrities who not only get mingled with their fans easily, but also cares a lot for them. He cancelled his press conference in Hyderabad, when thousands of people gathered to catch his one glimpse and in that situation girls and kids were getting shoved away.

Salman Khan went to Hyderabad to promote his ‘Eid’ releasing movie ‘Dabangg’, but due to too much crowd which made very less space for girls and kids, he cancelled it and flew back to Mumbai.

Salman later tweeted the reasons for canceling the press meet, “Toooo much dhakam dhukhi at the mall, girls and kids were also being pushed around by over excited fans and body guards.”

Salman canceled the promotional event, not just because he was literally mobbed by his fans, but because the girls and kids present at the place were getting hurt.

He also wrote on Twitter, “Got worried for them, and did not want anyone to get hurt, so (I’m) on my way back to Mumbai.”

It proves that Salman is not such a celebrity who can do anything to get PR, but ethics are more important for him.

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