‘Rocket Singh’ is an impressive story of Harpreet Singh Bedi and his simple dreams. Read on to know about the ‘Rocket Singh’ review in detail.

‘Rocket Singh’ Review
Last Updated: 2009-12-15T15:01:10+05:30
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‘Rocket Singh’ Review
Ranbeer Kapoor
Ranbeer Kapoor
Director: Shimit Amin
Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Shazahn Padamsee, prem Chopra, Gauhar Khan, Naveen Kaushik, manish Choudhary
‘Rocket Singh’ is a simple movie of not so common salesman, Harpreet Singh Bedi (Ranbir Kapoor). Almost every one of you will identify yourself immediately with the Sikh salesman. It is the story of a common man like you and me and there is no depiction of larger-than-life concept. The protagonist is down to earth and is more acceptable with his chase for the dream to settle down. Harpreet is one of the thousand graduates that can be figured in any crowd who are on the look-out for a job.
‘Rocket Singh’ is the story of an average student who passes out from the college with minimal marks.  Yet his academic career does not discourage him and he moves on with his dreams. He chooses the field of salesmanship as his profession and determines to excel in the same. The only problem with him is his adherence to ethics and morals which are today considered to a drawback for one’s success. He is persuasive and convincing but would not let his morals go at any cost even for selling any product. He is the strong preacher of “Honesty is the best policy”.
However, things change as he gets into the working world. He finds himself undervalued among his colleagues and is constantly shouted upon by his boss. The young boy learns the cooperate culture and becomes determined to keep aside his honesty for the time being till he gets a foot hold in the sales world. He secretly ventures out to form a company of his own for which he uses the resources of AYS to build his own customer base. However, this secret project is exposed in time being and Harpreet finds thousand questions rose to him.
Unlike most of the Bollywood flicks, you do not see an unnecessary love track introduced into the main plot of the movie. Even the tradition songs and dances are kept aloof and are introduced merely as transition part or are played in the background. The movie strikes a uniform flow from beginning to end which enables to arrest the attention of the audience for a long time. One may feel the pace of the movie slow especially in the first half but even that justifies its plot. However, at times, you are bound to feel the conversations along with the monologues turning languid. Also, you may find it hard to believe that the company staffs despite knowing that Harpreet is a poor performer agree to join in his secret company. Barring these and one or other facts, ‘Rocket Singh’ is a well-made movie with a good theme. It speaks of a moral theme with no attempts to have preachy tone at any part of the movie.
Ranbir Kapoor does all justice to his role and proves himself as a versatile actor. It is incredible that despite being so impressive he does not overshadow any other character in the movie. To sum up, ‘Rocket Singh’ is a must watch for every man who wishes to stand out from the crowd!

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