Noted Hollywood actor, Robert Downey Jr can’t just stop talking about Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan and he says that he is the Tom Hanks of the India.

Robert Downey Jr: ‘Aamir Is Tom hanks of India’
Last Updated: 2010-11-04T11:23:25+05:30
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Robert Downey Jr: ‘Aamir Is Tom hanks of India’
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan may not say a yes to Hollywood, but his fan circuit is broadening day by day. Noted Hollywood actor, Robert Downey Jr. says that he is a great fan of Aamir Khan and he is simply the Tom Hanks Of India.
He has also been influenced with Aamir’s performance in Oscar nominated movie ‘Lagaan’ and since then he has been a great fan of the actor.
Robert adds further, “I happened to see ‘Lagaan’ and believe Aamir Khan was extra-ordinary.” He says further that the actor is the ‘Tom Hanks’ of India.
Besides talking about Aamir Khan, Robert also seems to be fascinated by the Indian culture, Bollywood and Indian beauty.
He adds further, “India is a land waiting to happen for me and I would love to visit it as soon as I get a chance. All that comes to mind when I hear of this country is diversity, vibrancy and Bollywood boogie".

"What comes to my mind first if I were to describe Indian women would be dark eyes and hair which attracts me most."
But as per him, his choice for his girl would certainly be a blonde hottie as he says that he wants someone who is hot and appealing.

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