Rishi seems to be mad at filmmaker Karan Johar, the actor says that KJo provoked Sonam and Deepika to speak ill about his son Ranbir on ‘Koffe With Karan’, which has badly hurt his feelings.

Rishi Kapoor Mad At Karan Johar
Last Updated: 2010-11-24T12:06:39+05:30
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Rishi Kapoor Mad At Karan Johar
Rishi Kapoor
Rishi Kapoor
Rishi Kapoor is boiling with anger now-a-days as on Karan Johar’s show ‘Koffee With Karan’, his son’s ex fames Deepika and Sonam literally pulled off the skin while talking about Ranbir. Rishi is hurt and says that Karan is the one who provoked both the girls to talk about Ranbir, which is not acceptable.
Sonam declared that Ranbir is not at all sexy and badly needs a stylist, while Deepika said that he can never be a faithful beau and she would like to gift him a packet of condoms if asked to gift something.
On hearing all this, dad Rishi couldn’t just keep his calm and said that Neetu, him and his sister are badly hurt knowing all those remarks, which was not at all expected from Karan.
Rishi adds further, “We definitely feel cheated and hurt. My wife and sister are in New York and they were very upset when they heard about the show. Neetu was very hurt and upset and she spoke to Karan about it. We didn't expect this from him because Karan happens to be a close friend but he instigated both the girls to say all those things!"

He continues, “We've done so much for Karan... We have gone twice on his show. We even gave bytes for the show featuring Imran and Ranbir out of pure love for Karan.

“In return, what does he do? Provoke guests on his show to get better TRPs? There's no respect for relationships. Neetu and I go on his shows out of love for him. He gets paid for the show while we do it for love and affection. Karan shouldn't do this to us or all the Kapoors will severe ties with him and not work with him."

Rishi was even madder at Sonam and Deepika and strictly advised them to behave maturely as they came on the show just because of their respective fathers not because they had any talent.

Rishi adds, “It just shows their (Deepika and Sonam) class. I would like to tell them to stop giggling all the time and instead grow up and behave maturely. They are there on the show because they are their father's daughters and not because of their work! I would advise them to stop talking about their colleagues and running them down."
Well, Karan has no answers to Rishi’s points and everything done on the show was a part of the script with a hunt to get the best TRP’s.

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