Donít just keep on sighing over Sonam Kapoor as her younger sister Rhea can just blow your mind with her endless talks! She is educated in theatre in New York and blessed with a rare gift of gab.

Rhea Kapoor Can Chat Endlessly!
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Rhea Kapoor Can Chat Endlessly!
Rhea Kapoor
Rhea Kapoor
If you think that Bollywood’s youngest producer Miss Rhea Kapoor can just sit and focus on her production assignments, then you are wrong. She is perhaps the biggest chatterer one can ever be and she has endless things to share.

Rhea loves marketing, she loves being off-screen and she also loves gossiping for hours, hours and hours. She started her non-glamorous journey at the age of 21 years, in the form of ‘Aisha’, Anil Kapoor’s home production.

Rhea says, “I was 21 when I started, I was obviously retarded and foolish but when this project came up, dad thought I would be able to make it better. You tend to take more risks when you're younger, so that's good. All I told myself was ‘I'm going to make a kickass film'.”

She says that she is least comfortable in front of camera and she doesn’t know how to settle in front of it.

She adds, “I become a caterpillar in front of the camera. My limbs don't know what to do.”

Rhea also admits that she just do not have the looks which can take her forward in the world of glamour and fashion.

She adds, “I've got Anil Kapoor's face, you know, the chubby face. I don't look good in photographs… I'm not comfortable marketing myself.”

Her entry in Bollywood either as a producer or as an actor was very natural as she has the background of being in this field. Right from her grandfather, father, Uncle Boney Kapoor and Aunt Sri Devi all form her background.

Rhea adds on this, “This is my vision of a family business. Why wouldn't I go into it? It is fun! The reality is that when you grow up around something, it is in your blood and is dear to you. I love performing arts; I love the whole process. Acting — that's not my vibe. But producing gives me the ability to learn and do everything in a film. I love marketing."

She also describes that how crucial is the role of a producer and countless dimensions have to be undertaken before finalizing a particular scene. She describes that if there is a scene of a hero sitting at the table and writing, then the angle the table is placed in, the way the hero is writing, the point where he is looking even the ink he is using all has to be considered.

So, she is a perfect gossip girl and she knows very well how to make a Rs 30 flower vase look like Rs 300 one!

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